Oscars: Should the Academy make a concerted effort to present a diverse slate of nominees?

  • The most deserving

    Diversity for the sake of diversity is just thinly veiled prejudice. If we want to truly value all humans equally, than background should not be considered when nominating someone for an Oscar. It is an award that is to be earned, not given out. It would disgrace the Academy to focus on diversity.

  • Does not matter

    It does not matter what race or gender an actor or director is. What matters is how well they act/direct. It is ridiculous to deny a white/male actor or director their well earned spot just because they are white/male. People should work for what they have, not be handed stuff just because of their race.Gender.

  • Selection should be based on performance

    While there should be some effort to represent diverse groups of films and film makers, the Academy Awards should be about honoring superior work rather than about making sure everyone is represented every time. If all of the nominees are too similar, this probably means the Academy has not investigated a wide enough range of films, but a film or performance should not be nominated for the sole purpose of looking more inclusive. It should be nominated due to its artistic merit, regardless of who created it.

  • Academy should just nominate worthy recipients

    While many people seem to think that the Oscars are racist, I think that the nominees that are considered should just be deserving of the award. It shouldn't be about black or white, but about who is more deserving. I do think that some worthy minority actors and actresses get passed over for the award. But, I don't think it is fair to say that there has to be an actor/actress from every racial group. Those doing the nominations should just make sure the possible recipients are deserving.

  • Why should it matter?

    Who cares if a person is white, or black, or Asian, or Mexican, or whatever else. What matters is if they are really the most qualified person for the position, in this case the Oscars. In the end, being black doesn't make you a better actor, or a worse one. Neither does being white. Or Mexican. Or Asian. Or a woman. Or a transvestite clown.

    Because in the end, it should come down to the simple question. Who deserves it more, based solely on their qualifications for the award. Being black should not have anything to do with the selection process. Neither should being white. If you are the most qualified, congratulations, you win. Plain and simple, bar none.

    Though requiring the Oscars to nominate actors who are less qualified, based solely on their race/gender/political view/etc. Is not, as far as I could find, technically against the laws, it is getting close, as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies only to employees, and as such cannot be used. There may be other laws, I am unsure, as I am not a lawyer or a law student. Anyone who is, input would be appreciated.

  • I dont see why

    The Oscars is about the best picture and they have different categories for it. I dont see why race and background should play a role in this. I think just even bringing up the question shows segregation. It is a show for the best of the best, not the best in each race.

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