Our Children are being influenced by too many cartoons which include magic!

Asked by: Josh_b
  • Wow! There are a lot of shows about magic!

    I guess I should probably expand this to a lot of media entertainment that includes magic. But WTF? It could just be where my mind is but My Little Ponies, Wizards of Waverly Place, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Once Upon a Time, The Avengers, Magic School Bus, Frozen, Tinkerbell and Friends, I could go on. I've just noticed a ton of shows that my kids are asking me to watch contain Magic. And since I'm all about illuminati conspiracies, I'm like Oh NO! We're being Brainwashed to believe in magic. (or at least to ignore it)

  • Of course I agree

    My grandson spent the night last night. I've noticed in most of the cartoons this morning that whenever a problem arises, the solution comes by magic. Most of the characters are mythical in nature; sorcerers, ogres, dragons, vampires, etc... There's nothing based in reality, and no imagination when creating the plots. Back in the day, cartoons were works of art. Not anymore.

  • Yes I agree

    I think it's overkill how in your face it is. This is a real practice that people believe in and study, but people want to believe what you can't see didn't exist. Don't be fooled do your own research before you say no big deal it's not real. This is being thought to are children.

  • I think your inquisition is on target!

    Kids (and the rest of society) are being desensitised to the magic taking place in most cartoons there by forcing us to accept the working of witchcraft or sorcery. This subtle and bewitching agenda by employees of evil forces is dangerous and should not be ignored!!! Limit what your kids watch and pray over them!!

  • Do children actually believe this is real?

    Most children's shows, magical or not, are so unrealistic that even they should recognize it as not real, especially western animation. Now if there were live action children's TV shows showcasing magic, then I'd be concerned (correct me if those are a big thing). But I trust people to distinguish fantasy from reality.

  • Um no. Stop

    Um the reason for shows with magic is because magic is the easiest subject that isnt real to display to children. To do the impossible like waving a wand and have something appear gives a vibe of adventure, enjoyment, and a impossibility that seems more real through tv. Plus if they want to put magic in their shows they can. Its not illegal as long as its kid friendly. Also harry potter is an awesome show, not just because of the magic, but because it has a great story too.

  • Nope. Not at all.

    Magical things are made up. Common sense. It's like our imagination. Stuff in our imagination can't always come true. Knowing that cartoons are fiction, and kids will obviously learn that as they age if they didn't know that in the first place, i'd have to say it's not very influential.

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