• Absolutely! It's a business!

    The purpose of the news media is not to inform and educate the consumer, But to get the consumer to pay them for information. In the past, Consumers purchased newspapers to get the information and the news outlets generated their revenue directly from those sales. In today's world most "news" gets to the consumer through television, Or social media, And the news outlets get their revenue by selling advertising. The more people (consumers) that they can get to look at their "news product", The more advertising revenue they can generate. Therefore, All "news" is selected and targeted in a way that will generate the maximum number of consumer "views".

  • It is very selective!

    Recently I was watching my news story and all I saw was Covid19! Covid19 this, Coronavirus that, ITS ALL JUST MADNESS! Then I looked at Europe news and saw that The F. L. N. C. United had planted a bomb in a tourist center. It's ridiculous that all they talk about is the same thing every day when there is much more going on in the world.

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