Our well-being, mental,spiritual,social and emotional health is ALL a matter of CHOICE

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  • Mind over Matter

    Meditation, self-therapy, self-analysation and herbs all help with the body and mind. There are some people that lack the knowledge of how to unlock that power and those resources but overall, everyone has the power to change their attitude in the blink of an eye or choose which reality you would like to believe.

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  • I have to say no to this one

    Mentally ill people cannot just choose to be better. They can try but the circumstances will ultimately determine whether or not they will be cured and most of them never get cured. They get better but not completely. Our well being can be a choice to an extent as i can choose not to smoke cigarettes or drink beer but most of my well being is dependent on other people and whether or not they will follow the rules i abide by. I hate when people say happiness is a choice. All my life i searched for truth because i thought it would make me happy. But actually it made me far worse off because now that i have objective morals (morals based on fairness) it is impossible for me to be happy because i think and know where others feel and believe and now evil done to someone else hurts me as much as evil done to me used to hurt if not more so. So often we choose to be happy and our means brings us the opposite. You try a drug because it will make you happy and you end up prison over your addiction. It happens. You can choose to be a little happier or a little sadder or angrier but you cant choose to be completely happy or completely miserable and often when we choose one we get the other by our means of obtaining it.

  • Nope, nope, nope and definitively nope.

    Categorically that's all wrong. Can someone with bioplar disorder decide not to become depressed every once in awhile? Can someone with asperger syndrome decide not to struggle with social anxiety? Can someone that has signed up for scientology leave without being threatened? Another interesting question. Can we have an atheist as president? The only thing I disagree with is mental health in general. If you've got a problem, chances are medication is not the solution. Dealing with the unknown is, meaning be patient and treat your condition as if it were someone else's. Over time you'll adapt and find a way around it. Most people don't, but that's because most doctors are lazy idiots -- great if you need a medical marijuana card.

  • Circumstances, nature and nurture

    People raised different react different and feel different in certain situations. Of course you sometimes have a choice to ignore something or overreact, but overall you cannot choose for an option you are not familiar with because you have never been introduced to it. You learn to see things relative by people have more experience with bad luck, You learn to manage anger by people who have experienced clashes with ignorant people, etc. You learn to appreciate by experiences. And lastly there are diseases and handicaps that give you almost no choice but to feel a certain way

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