Our world is to blame for our boredom, not ourselves

Asked by: Keith_JW
  • Monotonous routine every day...Argh!

    I used to believe that it was me who was making my life boring, despite trying out every risky thing out there. Maybe I was too apathetic or indifferent to my surroundings, or maybe I'm not interested enough.
    But no.
    I tried being interested (had to replace every song in my phone with jolly ones...Hello, Best Day Of My Life and Happy), tried deviating from my routine more than the usual, tried going out every night...Tried, well, almost everything.
    But I was still bored.
    The people were still the uninteresting SOBs I had known, school was still such a chore, and the songs were starting to irritate me.
    If only my world was more interesting...If only.

  • The green side is supposed to be a joke, right?

    Your surroundings and your world are two COMPLETELY different things. I agree with Craighawley215. You are fully capable of changing your setting. The world is overflowing with opportunities. Travelling, as we've heard of, might contribute in erasing these doubts in others' minds. Like, this topic doesn't even make sense: How can the world be boring? I mean, your life can be boring, your current situation might be boring, but the world? Duh. The people who find the beauty in nature will find themselves truly entertained. Just sitting back and taking in the mere rustling of the leaves or observing the crimson sky during nightfall can leave you contemplating the beauty of this universe. Love your world, look for opportunities and live life to the fullest! :)

  • I Respectfully Disagree

    The world is vast beyond measure, and if you are genuinely unhappy with your surroundings, there are any number of things that you can do to change that. We don't have any right to blame our world for our boredom. The world is immensely vast and diverse beyond our comprehension, so we cannot blame the world. The most we can do is to find fault with our immediate surroundings, which is a setting that we are fully capable of changing.

  • It's not the world's fault...

    The world has so many opportunities to offer, it seems ENDLESS. All we need to do is get out there. There is actually a world! Maybe the people around us make us feel bored or make us feel like time is passing by slowly, but it is our job to break past that and make something out of ourselves, if you never experiment, you'll never find the conclusion.

  • Get out and see the world!

    Are you trying to get fulfillment from your phone? Or your computer? Turn it off! Take a six month vacation and tour the world and see what you're missing out on! It really is awesome. Learn to explore a new language and culture and you won't be sorry. Your electronics are not the answer.

  • You've got to be kidding me.

    Our world has nothing to do with our boredom. In today's society, there is much to do with all this technology and such, but no one wants to do anything. People would rather sit around claiming that he/she is bored. Get up! Go out somewhere with someone. The world is filled with adventures, waiting for someone to find it..

  • We are to blame ourselves of boredom!!

    In today's busy world people tend to ignore small things that can make us happy. Todays people don't live in present they try to be more engrossed in their thoughts.
    Example is When we work we think about baseball match, when we watch baseball match we think about our next summer camp, when in summer camp we think about our future...And the endless list goes on.

    If one tries to appreciate the present, observe even the little things which can give happiness, "He/She would never be bored". Boredom is created by ourselves. It is lack of interest in doing or participating in a task.

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