• Outdoor games necessary in our life. . . . . . . . . . . .

    Outdoor games benefit our health and give us pleasure. Outdoor games keeps kids active. They learn to be independent and self - reliant. Children have good decision making abilities. Outdoor also increases flexibility. Outdoor games keeps our body healthy. Outdoor games tend to develop positive attitude. Children should also learn decipline, Sports man spirit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Outdoor games are necessary

    As they keep our body healthy and fit . It does not allow us to be a couch potato. What is better than playing outside where there is a cool breeze outside it make us more and more excited .You never know what surprise awaits you when you play but you should be ready!!!!!!

  • Outdoor games are the source of future

    In olden days all children went out to play and hence they remained healthy and stiff in childhood as well as in their old age.The vitamins we get during playing in the sun as well as the exercise we do by just playing a match of football will be equal to the time we spend in gyms and any other artificial thins to stay fit.So we should play some outdoor games not only for health but also for a refreshing experience

  • Yes, everyone needs some outdoor time.

    Everyone is getting far away from the natural world and could benefit from doing a sport, even walking, outside in nature at least one time a week. But our children really need this and all of their games should not be played in front of some kind of screen because they are not being active enough.

  • Yes, they are.

    Some games would be very dangerous to play indoors. Football, for example, requires a lot of contact amongst players, so the grass helps soften blows that are in most cases very painful. Playing football inside would mean those players limbs are going to break that much faster, and that much more often.

  • Well yes indeed.

    I only vote yes from personal experience. It is MUCH more fun to play a sport outside in the fresh air and warm sun, (personally it's more fun in rain and mud :D), also it's easier and less expensive to get your Vitamin A and D from the sun than it is over the counter. The mental toll is also better, outside in the sun with friends and tons of space, or inside with your friends crowded, hot, and stuffy?

  • Yes, outdoor games are necessary

    Playing outdoors is a great, fun source of exercise and helps people connect with their community, whereas being solely being indoors for recreational activity is a largely solitary experience, and lacks the health and nutritional benefits that come with outdoor activity. Outdoor games are an excellent way to get people outside and should be encouraged.

  • Outdoor game is good better best

    Because outdoor games can be played without money also and indoor games like chess ludo carrom etc. Are costly and if anyone will say that outdoor games like cricket need equipment then i can say that games like hide and seek donkey monkey full stop pakadam pakadai do not ned money and equipments and one thing cricket can also be played by a stick and ball can be afforded by amyone so outdoor game is necessary in outdoor game we also get vitamin d

  • No, outdoor games are not necessary and in fact most outside games can be played indoors just as well with artificial lighting.

    Playing games outdoors adds to the enjoyment of the games, but they are not necessary. Being in the sun does provides essential vitamins our body needs, but the vitamin A and D that comes from the sun can now be found abundantly at health food stores everywhere. Outdoor games are no more necessary to human well being than is chocolate ice cream. I will agree that outdoor games (and chocolate ice cream) are definitely a treat and can be a refreshing change of pace, but the human race would not cease to exist if we got rid of all outdoor games.

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