Outgoing EPA chief insists climate change is real: Is climate change real?

  • Climate Change is real

    As a climate scientist, I have been in the field for decades. Yes, all of our research overwhelmingly showed that anthropogenic climate change is real and it is accelerating. I was in Antartica collecting ice core and the research indicated that 2016 was the year with the highest CO2 ppm in more than 700,000 years. This could be potentially dangerous as given our projections, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere will reach 1000 ppm by 2100 and this will decrease our cognitive abilities by 15%. I was also in Bangladesh that saw its worst monsoon season in many years due to altered monsoon which causes can be attributed to anthropogenic climate change which leads to a rise in sea level and an increase in ocean temperature. Furthermore, the city of Miami are building pumps to pump out sea water that has been overflowing into the city due to a rise in ocean level. Similarly, South Pacific nations such as Tonga and Fiji are seeing their islands getting flooded in recent years. More examples show that deep sea ocean currents (meltwater) from the Arctic in the North Atlantic Ocean has been increasing both in intensity and temperature. Under this rate, we could potentially see a shift in climate soon across the Atlantic regions. Coral reefs are also dying due to ocean acidification which was caused by an increase in CO2 level. All of the corals in the world could be gone by 2050 and corals directly and indirectly support the livelihood of more than 1 billion people. I could go on for days but hopefully you get the picture of what climate change has done to us. All of us here debating are fortunate that we aren't the first victims of climate change as we are living in developed nations enjoying a relatively high standard of living. Poor people in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, however, are already suffering and with this rate we will also be victims of anthropogenic climate change after three to four decades. Switching over to renewable energy and decrease our emissions such as cutting beef consumption will better help us to prevent this and guarantee a brighter future for humankind.

  • Yes, climate change is real.

    Yes, climate change is real. This finding is based on the consensus of a climate science community that is educated in these matters and have reached this determination based on the scientific process. The only people who say climate change is not real is business leaders who would lose money due to environmental regulations.

  • Evidence proves climate change is real.

    Scientists all over the world have facts and data that support climate change. Water temperatures have riser, glaciers are receding, the ice caps are melting. All this supports climate change. The real question is how much of the change was inevitable as a part of the natural climate changes Earth goes through and how much is due to human causes, and if the damage done by humans is reversible.

  • Yes, climate change is real

    Yes, climate change is real and anyone who questions it should really examine where they get their information. Evidence of climate change is all around us: rising water levels, melting ice in the Arctic, increasing temperatures, violent storms. It is extremely difficult to find any way to deny the existence of climate change and very dangerous to do so.

  • It is politics.

    Climate change is not real, because there is not enough data that the world is warming, permanently. The world goes through swings of warm and cold. That's how glaciers formed during the ice ages. Climate change is made up by scientists who want to impose socialism on the rest of the world.

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