Outing of gay public figures: Is it justifiable to pressure gay and lesbian celebrities out of the closet, in the interests of gay rights?

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  • Absolutely not okay.

    Being gay, from my experience, is not an easy thing to come to terms with. It's an inner struggle, and a constant debate with yourself of "Am I just seeking attention? What if I'm just going through a phase? What if my family doesn't accept me" and sometimes, blatant denial. For a very long time, I didn't WANT to be gay. It made my life 200% more difficult. People need time to process that, it's a lot to digest. Plus, there will always be critical homophobes in the crowd, trying to boo them. It's up to a person to decide for themselves when they're ready.

  • Coming out on your own terms

    Gay or Lesbian celebrities do not owe it to anyone to come out of the closet. How you live your life is a very personal decision and no one deserves to have that taken away from that. Just because a person is in the public arena, does not mean that they owe it to the gay community or to society as a whole to come out.

  • Should I force you to tell us YOUR sexual habits?

    I'm all for gay rights and acceptance and I love it when a celebrity comes out, but this is messed up. Forcing anyone to come out against their will FOR ANY CAUSE is like outing every civilian of their sexual habits and preferences. Yup so let's go get a national survey of every sado-masochist, fetishist, furry, vouyer, exhibitionist, and porn star.

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