Outsourcing: Do consumers benefit from offshore outsourcing?

  • Lower Prices Ensue

    Offshore outsourcing is used by businesses to reduce costs. Most often, all or part of those cost savings go toward a reduction in price to the consumer so that the outsourcing company can remain competitive in the given marketplace. Accordingly, such outsourcing makes products cheaper and therefore benefits the consumer.

  • Taking Away American Jobs

    We're in hard times right now. Nobody can find a job, nobobdy can keep their house, and all the while, other countries are flourishing, because we've outsourced all of our factory jobs to them. Your precious little iPhone? Made in China. We could have products built in the US and still be around the same price as they are now. I think it's just gotten to the point where robots or third world countries will do all the work for us from now on.

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