Outsourcing: Does outsourcing benefit developing countries?

  • Yes but not as much as it could

    I agree with some of the objections in that many of the jobs being outsourced to developing countries pay employees about the same as other jobs currently in the developing country. In this regards, It would be better for MNC's to pay employees more than the local jobs. However, They are still providing more jobs and more jobs mean more people employed and thus more money in the economy.

  • Outsourcing benefits developing countries.

    Outsourcing is greatly beneficial to developing countries. It is bad for workers in developed countries who lose their jobs to lower paid foreign workers. Outsourcing provides white-color jobs to professionals in developing countries, and manufacturing jobs to unskilled laborers in the same countries. Unskilled wokers in developed countries are left with no job opportunities.

  • It most definitely doesn't.

    At first glance, it may appear that outsourcing work to overseas countries, including India, can help those countries’ economies, since large corporations could employ both skilled and unskilled workers from these areas. However, this does not assist the country in any way. If companies were to pay these workers higher wages than domestic jobs can provide, then it would have a positive impact, but the ability to pay lower wages is one of the main reasons jobs are outsourced. In addition, these workers are experiencing the same miserable conditions that domestic jobs provide. While this practice has an opportunity to assist countries’ economies, no company would go out of its way to take that opportunity.

  • You'd think so, but in most cases outsourcing doesn't help

    If people in developing countries were paid wages that enabled them anything other than being able to continue living in the miserable conditions they do already, a case for outsourcing could be made. When people in developing countries are being paid like garbage because they know they can get away with it, they're just towing the line of what a developing country is, they aren't helping it or its people move forward to something better.

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