Outsourcing: Does outsourcing foster international cooperation, respect, and stability?

  • Outsourcing Fosters International Respect

    Unfortunately Outsourcing does create a friendly bond between the United States and its foreign countries. I only say it as 'unfortunately' due to the fact that because of outsourcing, many domestic jobs are lost and many U.S. citizens are left to fend for their own as other countries benefit from these jobs. Not all outsourcing is preventable and not all outsourcing is bad; there are industries (Information Technology, Product Support) that outsource their first line of support to countries like India and Pakistan that are favorable. Because of that global connection, these countries have a closer bond than just on a political scale and that can help alleviate any tension that these countries may face going forward. Thus the respect for one another increases greatly.

  • No,outsourcing does not foster cooperation.

    No,Outsourcing can be seen as a poor alternate for almost all of those involved in such an operation.First it tends to deflate wages in all areas involved therefore decreasing the standard of living .Once the standard of living is lower, people tend to be dissatisfied which may potentially encourage civil war.

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