Over 120 were arrested at North Dakota pipeline protests, including journalists. Is the environmental impact overstated?

  • The impact of the pipeline is overstated.

    There has been comparisons on the average spill of pipeline transportation versus off shore oil drilling spillage and found that the pipeline would leak much less in the case of a leak. This shows that the pipeline is safer than already standing processes. Also, the point is made that the oil, which is claimed to cause corrosion in the pipeline, would be refined anyway whether or not the pipeline is created so the impact of greenhouse gases because of the pipeline are minimal compared to what is stated.

  • No, Native Americans justly fear the impact of the pipeline on their land and culture.

    No, the environmental impact is not overstated in this case. There is evidence that oil pipelines cause pollutants to enter the surrounding environment, which could enter the drinking supply. Additionally, Native Americans have been historically denied rights and access to lands that were rightfully theirs. They are justifiably troubled by this encroachment on their rights.

  • No, it is not.

    Coorporations have too much influence. The enviromental influence of the North Dakota pipeline is actually more serious than most people realize as it is cutting through one of the last remaining protected lands in North Dakota. It is sure to contaminate the water which is already a limited resource in the world.

  • The environment will be harmed.

    There is no question that the pipeline is going to harm the environment, everybody needs to accept that. The real issue here is the benefits of the pipeline, if it can improve the lives of those families who barely scrape by, then it should go ahead. There needs to be a transparent analysis of the costs and benefits so that everybody ends up on the same page.

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