Over 180 countries just approved a ban on pangolin trafficking. Do we care more about animals than humans?

  • There is still human trafficking.

    Human trafficking still happens every day around the world. It happens in the most developed countries, including in the United States. Too often, society turns a blind eye to human trafficking. At the same time, there are laws upon laws to protect animals. These countries should think more about defenseless people than about animals.

  • Hell No c'mon

    Protecting animal doesn't mean Human care more about them than other human beings, look, animal share the planet too. We should leave them be. Animals are not here to hurt people, and people obviously hurt them. Look I'm not an animal fanatic or activist. I just believe, we should respect them.

  • Pangolin trafficking does not in any way benefit humans so banning it is not a source of harm to humankind.

    Pangolins are sold illegally on the black market because their scales and blood are valued for false medicinal purposes. Banning pangolin trafficking would actually benefit humans as much as the pangolins because it would stop people from paying for cures that don't work. Some also use the meat, but there are other less expensive things for humans to eat.

  • Trafficking of people and humans both should be a top concern

    No, we do not care more about animals than humans. Human trafficking is appalling and we should always work harder to put a stop to it. However, animal trafficking is also a serious issue and it cannot be ignored. Animals are a vital part of our ecosystem and their loss can be damaging to the human population as well.

  • Caring more about animals than humans?

    Humans exist with free will, consciences, and the ability to make choices. It is our responsibility as humans to care for and watch over animals. Taking steps to protect other creatures with whom we share our world with does not mean we are caring more for them than humans. Granted, we have a long ways to go in caring for our own species as well, but this is a much needed step to protect a helpless animal that has become the world's most traded creature.

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