Pacifism: Is the rejection of all violence a valid principle by which to live?

  • Ghandi, King Led Worldwide Movements

    Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. took nonviolence and pacifism to its highest level. Both men taught their fellows to be peaceful no matter what the cost. If everyone lived by the pacifist code, there would be no war, no famine and no strife. The United States' Department of Defense vast budget could go towards eliminating hunger and poverty in America by buying food and building houses for the homeless.

  • Pacifism is very admirable!

    Violence only leads to more violence. If people are always trying to get revenge or one up someone that has wronged them, the battles will be never ending. Pacifists have the right idea. If they are able to live a life without violence it is very admirable, however, it is a difficult life especially considering that most of the world does not work that way.

  • Pacifism Is Unrealistic

    The reality is that there are violent individuals in the world that can only be stopped by violent action. I would not even call it admirable, if one allows oneself or another to be injured or killed by a violent person because of their convictions. I would tend to view that as cowardice.

  • Pacifism cant work in every situation

    Rejecting all war is pointless because some war is necessary. Think about the Sahrawi people in west Sahara who would care about their freedom, their right to self determination if they were not willing to fight for it. Pacifism only works when no one is willing to fight but when your enemy is committed to keeping you oppressed then violence is necessary.
    Will you still reject violence when someone else is planning on your murder? What about when under a dictatorship a powerful government offical takes a liking to your daughter and tries to rape her will you still forgo violence or will you defend your family.
    Violence is neccessary to defend ones self and ones family pacifism cannot always work. You must be pragmatic, you can protest war, you can try to end it but violence will always be necessary.

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