Packers keep hope alive: Do the Green Bay Packers have the most loyal fans?

  • Green Bay Packers have best NFL fans

    Forbes magazine and Nielsen Scarbrough found that only 16 percent of the people living in Green Bay, Wisconsin are not fans of the team. That is a better percentage than any other NFL team. Green Bay is also the NFL's smallest market, giving fans the added feeling of being closer to the team and each other.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    Green Bay’s fandom extends far beyond its population of 312,409. The team’s 360,854 shareholder owners are one indicator. But the team’s extended reach is most impressive on social media. The Packers have 6.6 million followers between Facebook and Twitter, fourth most in the league based on volume, and 21-times the number of followers than live in its metro area, almost 1 million more than the population of the state of Wisconsin. To put it into perspective, the team has more non-Green Bay social media fans than 28 other teams have total fans.

  • There is a long waiting list.

    Win or lose, the Green Bay Packers have loyal fans. The waiting list for season tickets is years long. Even though it is very cold in Wisconsin, there is always a large audience for the game. Even people in Northern Michigan are solid fans of the Packers. Everyone wants to root for the underdog.

  • Seahawks win this one, too

    The Seattle Seahawks have the most loyal fans in the NFL. They're like a force on the field, another player in the game, that a ref cannot throw a flag on. Putting up with years of mediocre football, the Seahawks fans continued to show up, week after week, until the team finally caught up with the enthusiasm.

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