• Yes, Packers fans are the best fans in the NFL.

    Among all the many iconic images common to professional sports and sports fandom, that of the "chese-head" is easily one of the most recognizable. It certainly helps that the image so immediately connects itself to something about the place that it represents: people in Wisconsin produce and eat a lot of cheese. Anyone who recognizes the image can also tell you that their fans are known for being some of the most enthusiastic, and at times wild and fanatical, and for this reason you have to concede that they are some of the best fans in the NFL.

  • Best? I do not know.

    To say that ones fans of professional sports are better than the others is a bold statement. With regards to the packer fans however, I do believe they are the most dedicated. And I mean that in that they go to the games regardless of the temperature and weather outside.

  • Packers Fans the Best

    If anyone else writes a yes opinion, please copy this heading so all of our headings match.

    Why we're the best (I'm a Packers fan too): the Packers are really a state team. They're also a really good friendly team without the likes of Richard Sherman or anyone ominously named Lynch. I think packers fans are the best because they are not arrogant, are very winsome (ask Vic!), respect each other and other fans (in the main), and root for an obviously great team.

  • Packer Fans the Best

    Packer fans are the best fans in the NFL, no question about it. No other team in the NFL is owned by its fans. They have invested their money with no pay out other then their beloved team. Even signs that Favor will be accepted because they love him in a Packer uniform so much. Their seems to be something about the Packers and their history, not many other groups of fans would sit through the cold weather like these ones do.

  • While the Packers have great fans I would not call the the best fans in the NFL.

    It is not even a question that the Packers fans are definitely worthy of the glory. These fans are dedicated, they are excited and exciting, and they truly love their football team. Are they the best fans in the NFL? I'd say not. There are many teams that have equally if not better fans among some of the other NFL teams as well. Stats, seasons, players, and economy all play a big roll in fan activity as well. I think that it would be hard to say that there is "one" best as every year the dominant team changes.

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