Pakistan bans Christian television stations: Is the Christian religion feared around the world?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Is anyone really surprised that a Muslim country is oppressing other religions in their country but want every other non-Muslim countries to be tolerant of their religion. When someone bans the expression of faith, which is a fundamental right, there is persecution, right? As citizens, Christians have the right to practice their religion, but if they block you, it means not all citizens are equal.

  • The Christian religion is feared around the world

    The Christian religion is feared around the world, but not because it is an inherently bad religion. It is because it is not the Muslin religion. The fact is tha christianity has been under attack for thousands of years. In the world's eyes, there is no room for it. What a shame.

  • Of course not

    They aren't afraid of Christianity. The Islamic faith can have rather strict rules and serious consequences. 95-98% of the population is Islamic and it should come as no surprise that they would ban Christianity because it is a different religion and different religions in a country with almost 100% different faith would make Christianity a heresy to them

  • It's not fear

    Banning a religion is not about fear, as much as it about tribalism. Pakistan is a Muslim country and this appears to be a reaction to the threat that a free county may begin a registry for the Muslim faith. It's not right, but people will pick a side and do crazy things sometimes.

  • It shouldn't be.

    There might have been Crusades but they were many centuries ago. Today, there is no violence in the name of Christianity. However, there is a great deal of violence in the name of other religions. Pakistan has only banned Christian television stations because they want to control people's thoughts; not because they are afraid of religion.

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