Pakistan is set to execute a severely mentally ill man. Is this too cruel?

  • Executing the mentally ill is too cruel

    Executing someone that is mentally ill for a crime should fit in the category of cruel and unusual punishment. While there should be some form of punishment, even life in jail, executing someone with a mental illness is not fair. He may not understand the impact of his actions, and would be better served receiving professional help in prison.

  • Yes, it is.

    This man needs treatment and care. It is unlikely that he would have commited whatever crimes he did if he was not severely mentally ill. Today we have the knowledge and the resources to treat these people and we do not have to resort to barbaric means such as execution.

  • Their government is severe.

    Yes, it is way too severe to execute someone with severe mental illness. These people do not need to be killed. Instead, they need medical attention. Although this story is very sad, it is not at all surprising. The Pakistani government has a long history of human rights violations, unfortunately.

  • Nothing cruel about it

    How is it cruel to kill someone? We kill billions every year, there are 8 billion humans 1000 die today and they will be replaced within the day, humans are not ''valuable'' they are not ''precious'' they are simply animals and 1 life of a deranged man is barely anything to talk about

  • Exicution of the mentally ill is inhuman and unjust

    Mental illness is not a crime. It is an illness that can and should be treated as all illnesses are. Putting people to death for any reason does not solve anything, it creates fear of our government. We already have enough reason not to trust politicians. there are many qualified people to treat the mentally ill and alow them to live productive lives key word here is live.

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