Pakistan liquor deaths: Does Pakistan need better liquor regulations?

  • Pakistan probably needs some additional regulation

    considering the scores of people that died recently in Pakistan due to bad alcohol, more regulation is probably called for. When people can not regulate themselves is when there needs to be more regulation. What better example of failed self regulation than someone putting a lethal dose of hooch in the stream of commerce.

  • You have to protect consumers

    More than just better regulations, which are needed, Pakistan needs to do a better job enforcing those regulations. It is far too easy to turn a quick profit with inferior or unsafe products that do serious harm to consumers just trying to get by. It is the responsibility of the government to enact and enforce liquor regulations that ensure only safe, known products are available.

  • Pakistanneeds to relax its liquor laws and set quality standards for manufacturers to legally produce alcohol.

    Pakistan is a Muslim country that prohibits Muslins from consuming alcohol, although their policy toward other faiths and visitors is fairly liberal.. However, resident non-Muslims must still onbtain a license to drink legally. Perhaps they should take a lesson from the bathtub gin and moonshine tht were popular during Prohibition and caused blindness and even death in some instances. The laws are in place, but they encourage bootlegging and the deaths are due to toxic liquor that would not be possible if the givernment set quality standards and relinquished control to the manufacturers.

  • No, they need better education about alcohol

    Pakistan already has tight regulations surrounding liquor. The problem is with the home brewed stuff that is being made. Pakistan need to educate their people not to touch the stuff because of the potential harm it can do to them. So many people have died from dodgy alcohol that they should make this a priority.

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