Pakistan police accused of illegally killing hundreds of suspects a year. Is Pakistan going too far?

  • Pakistan police departments are out of control.

    Pakistan police have been reported as bragging about the way they kill suspects. That reason alone gives cause to investigate into the police department's procedures for handling suspect encounters. The countless reports of false arrests and bribery involving these public servants coupled with the suspected murders of suspects call for an immediate intervention and investigation of the Pakistan police departments.

  • Pakistan should be punished.

    Police in Pakistan may be illegally executing hundreds of people each year in fake “encounter killings”. That's for me not acceptable that an individual can be shot dead before being prosecuted. Pakistan is going to far away in their fight against terrorism. The word need to have a police that help people.

  • No one, especially the police, should be happy over killing another citizen. It's a common thing for cops across the world.

    It's nowhere near as common, but India also has "encounter" killings by police. At least, I know Tamilnadu does. Also, It was extremely successful in Mumbai where the Maharashtra police managed to cripple several criminal rackets. The struggle between justice and human rights isn't a problem only Pakistan faces. Of course, I do agree that the attitude there is terrible.

  • Yes, Pakistan is going too far if its police are killing suspects illegally.

    If Pakistan police are killing suspects illegally this suggests they are executing them without any form of trial to see whether they are guilty of the crimes they are accused of committing. In civilized countries this act would be tantamount to murder and constitutes a gross abuse of human rights.

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