Pakistani court closes licensed liquor shops for non-Muslims. Do Muslims have too much power in Pakistan.

  • Yes, they do.

    To an outsider, they do have too much power. But if the people who live there want to live in a country that is ruled by Musilims than that would be fine. But it appears as if there is a large population that is not happy with this ruling class of Muslims.

  • Muslims have to much political power in Pakastan

    Muslim have so much power they can influence a decision in court to exclude everyone else from having equal access to liquor license. No religion or select group should be able to influence a court, it is unfair and unjust for a court to discriminate this way. fair trade and freedom for all should be the way things are done everywhere.

  • No, Muslims do not have too much power in Pakistan.

    No, Muslims do not have too much power in Pakistan. Islam is simply the main religion throughout the country. The United States is primarily Christian, but that does not mean that other religions are suppressed. All countries will have one dominant religion, but everyone else should feel like they are equally represented.

  • Muslims don't have too much power

    Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country so it's not a matter of whether Muslims have too much power. The fact that licensed liquor shops for non-Muslims are closed is just an indication that there is a minority in Pakistan that is not Muslim so they should conform to the needs of the majority.

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