Palestinian right of return: Do Palestinians have a right of return?

  • The Jews left Palestine.....

    The Jews left "Judea" after the second Jewish-Roman war. For hundreds of years afterword, Palestinians lived in and farmed the land of Palestine for many more years then how long to the Jews inhabited the land. If Jews have the right to return to Israel why don't Palestinians have the right to return to their land?

  • Yes, they've lived there a long time.

    I do understand why the state of Israel exists and why it might be somewhat protective of itself. However, one oppression does not justify another oppression. Palestinians have inhabited their land for quite a long time and their rights have to be taken into account, too, so they should have a right of return.

  • Israel was created following the holocaust for the definitive purpose of having a Jewish state for those survivors.

    The Israelis were forced out of their native homeland, And when the Ottomans took over for centuries it remained under strict Palestinian control. Palestinians don't even qualify as their own ethnic race or culture. They are the same as every other Arab country in the middle east, To say that they have a right to return to that land because of a cultural claim is ridiculous.

  • No, the land was given to Israel.

    No, Palestinians do not have a right of return, because the land was given to Israel. Following World War Two, nations came together and gave Israel their land. Palestinians do not have a right to retake the land, simply because many years have passed. There was no provision that the grant of land to Israel was only temporary. It is Israel's land, permanently.

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