Palestinian right of return: Do the Palestinians have the right to return?

  • Everyone has a right to the Holy Land.

    I believe Palestinians, Jews and Christians and any other religion should be allowed to return to the Holy Land. This land was given to man as a symbol of what life can be like if we love God. No matter how a person chooses to worship, it should be a sacred thing. How a person worships or what he calls his Higher Power is irrelevant. It is what is in the heart and soul that counts. So I think everyone has a right to the Holy Land. Regardless of color or beliefs. Obviously, there is something sacred about the land. Men have been fighting over it for centuries. Why does man make everything so complicated?

  • No, the land is Israel's.

    No, the Palestinians do not have the right to return, because the land was rightfully given to Israel. The land is Israel's historically, and because it was promised in the Bible. It would be unfair of the rest of the world to decide that a country can no longer exist. Israel has a right to live in its land.

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