Palestinian right of return: Does right of return help/harm Israeli interest?

  • Yes, Right of return helps Israeli interest.

    I say this because the war between Israeli holy land and the nation of Palestine has been an ancient and brooding conflict for ages. Now, most would say that Israel is threatened by Palestinians, but I disagree. Giving Palestinians the right to return to their sacred land, without right or ownership of that said land, diffuses tension where relief is needed most.

  • No, it harms Israeli interest

    While the idea of practical justice makes sense, the manner in which the Palestinian right of return conducts itself is not conducive to a just relationship between Israel and Palestine. The amount of conflict that has arisen from the right of return has been detrimental to Israeli interest, and has caused a vast amount of distress within the nation. The Palestinians have no legal right to trespass onto the Israeli land in retaliation of acts that were committed centuries in the past.

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