Palestinian right of return: Were Palestinians forced out (yes), or did they flee on their own will (no)?

  • Yes Palestinians opened their doors the wrong people.

    Prior to WW2 Palestine was a peaceful nation where Christians and Muslims lived side by side. During the Holocaust Jews began moving into Palestine. For whatever reason, Britain thought it was their duty to grant Jews a country so they divided half of Palestine into Israel for the Jews. The state of Israel began to systematically remove anyone Palestinian still living in the newly created state of Israel. This is the root of all the conflict that still remains to this day.

  • They were exiled.

    My mom is a Middle East history professor and from what I know in 1948 when Israel was created they were forced to leave. That land was now for the Jews and they were not allowed to return. Many of them thought they were only temporarily leaving and would return home but that was not true. They were force to leave there homes for refugee camps. My dad was Lebanon as a kid and visited one of these camps. It was very poor and dirty. When Israel was created they had to leave to make room for the Jews. They were exiled. Many still have family houses and so on in Israel though those houses that may have been owned by Palestinians for generations are now homes of Israeli Jews.

  • Palestinians were forced out of their homes and forced to flee.

    Palestinians were forced out of their homes and forced to flee. They have a right to return to their country and claim what they left behind. The Government refuses this claim and feels they do not have a right to return and claim what was theirs to begin with. I feel that they should be allowed to come back and claim their property or be given a payment from the Government.

  • Yes, Palestinians were forced out

    Although Palestinians did flee out of fear they had no choice but to leave the country and remaining would have endangered their lives. Such endangerment and violation of personal safety is indeed a act of force and should be looked upon with disgust and discontent to the peoples that are committing these crimes.

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