Paper books vs. electronic books: Do paper books still have value and a future (yes), or are electronic books better (no)?

  • I like paper books, they brought many people high

    As paper books are the things which brought a new technology and if we just forgot about it, its not right many famous doctors,engineers came up by reading in paper books and then to electronic books can harm our eyes and they may live us when their power is over but we can refer books forever. Further to develop technology we may refer paper books as many people at past done it and we can see their present , so i think we must use paper books

  • Paper books still have value and a future.

    Most people do not have a tablet PC or electronic book reader. These media can be awkward and difficult to use, not to mention their expensive price. You can takes notes and write in a traditional paper book, but you can't do that with electronic books. Also, electronic books are dependent upon a power supply.

  • I Like The Feel Of A Good Book

    I used to think I was reluctant to join the future, but I've accepted that paper books do still have value. They're the only form of media that doesn't assume you have whatever electronic, they can be shared, they can be recycled, they're conversation starters, they can let you see a snippet of a person's personality and pastimes, and frankly call me paranoid, but I don't trust our government to not stick their nose in the subject of what we read if they all become electronic. They can ban an electronic book, but they can never find every copy of a physical book and that's important to me.

  • Versatility of the electronic book wins

    Versatility of the electronic book wins

    1. The amount of books that can fit an electronic tablet is equivalent to a library (Having ADHD/ADD) would help with organization less is better
    2. Make notes with out destroying or damaging the book
    3. Easier to travel with battery life on e-readers is very long these days (ask any chess player the pain of traveling to tournaments logging around heavy Informator hard cover books) most bring laptops or tablets today
    4. Environmental cutting down of trees to produce paper

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