• Paper should be banned.

    I think paper should be banned because we are using so much paper and so many trees are being cut down and due to the loss of habitat, Many animals are endangered and forced to come in our cities or farms for food and they kill dogs and other house pets because the forests were cut down and the cities and people come in place of the animals and their habitats.

  • I need me paper boi

    I need paper like honestly paper is like one of my every day needs and i don't want to stop getting paper cause i need it to do me doodles in class and like my art at home and without it i would have to do digital art and i stg that shit is the hardest thing to do for me ;-; i doez no do zee digital i doez only like zee traditional art and stoof and also cause i can colour things and use different methods of colouring. -. I like trees but i doez need paper for everything especially dinner time cause it tastes like really nice and trees are just too much nature all together and it tastes like leaves :p yes i think we should cut less trees down but i need paper so figure out how to get it so i can like draw. -. Or we could just plant trees cause thats easy to do unless u is in like a country that can't grow trees then fair enough :3

  • On PAPER it sounds good.

    But in practice its not. Others have already brought up the points about using tree farms for paper, So I am going to look at it from a different perspective. If in the near future paper was banned we would not be able to communicate long distances if the networks in the country went down.
    This would be even worse in war as another country would simply need to sabotage radio towers and stations and our flow of information to and from allies would cease. Not to mention this entire idea would require a lot of government funding, Which will come from, You know, TAXES.

  • Paper is useful than plastics and other materials

    Plastic is too harmful and should be limited in use. Paper on the other hand is biodegradable and renewable. Sustainable tree and forest regrowth is what people need to do. But companies are too cheap and shortsighted and just chop down any trees they can get their grubby hands on.
    Rain forests would be saved if companies actually tried to replace or grow new trees. Take the giant redwood. After a couple of years they grow massively.
    Paper can be used to replace other substances even batteries if people knew that they could plant more trees than they cut down. But nooo! They lack commen sense

  • No I don't think so that paper should be banned for saving trees because:

    As paper is a thing in our main life with out papper where will
    we write.
    And by what all the documents will be writen on. And in school
    Wher will we write. You ca also say that there will be use of
    mobile but due to the network waves it may cause harm to the
    living world to the trees humans and etc. Therefor I conclused that
    if we will band papers also then there will be more harm to trees.
    And as much as i know the harvestors who cut trees for paper they
    plantmore trees than they cut off.

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