• Paper is the future.

    Trees are good for the air and environment. Environmentalists get angry because paper comes from trees, But it is a solvable problem.

    Logging companies are greedy and cheap. Rather than to replace cut trees with new trees they move on to other others trees. Deforestation would not be a problem if logging companies replaced every cut tree with 1 or 2 trees saplings.
    If a single man can grow a forest with little money imagine what a wood company can do with 1-5% of its revenue. They could grow lots just like tequila growers with annual rotation.

    Paper is biodegradable can be recycle and is not toxic to the environment. Green activist should actually be in favor of paper being used more and replacing other harmful products. For example a scientist is trying to replace lithium with paper. Environmentalists should be convincing logging companies for growing trees instead of just chopping everything down.
    Everyone would win.

  • A Great Alternative to Online

    When you're stuck in a place with no technology or need a break from technology, A piece of paper is always the best place to start. You can play games with family using it, Or just write or draw by yourself. It is also great when you need to print out something because even though life is full of computers we cannot have them absolutely ALL the time, And sometimes it's easier to handwrite something or circle/highlight it in real life. The biggest issue is that companies and governments use the internet and phones to dig into our personal data. Companies can't go to your house and steal your paper, But they can take your internet history and what you've said and done there.

  • No never nuuuuuu

    No, I say paper is bad because you have to cut down trees to make it and the factories for bad for the environment plus you can write on a tablet like it's paper and you don't need the internet. So paper causes deforestation and a bad environment. I SAy NO TO PAPER

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