Paradise cop guilty: Should he be charged with more than involuntary manslaughter?

  • Yes, he should be charged with more than involuntary manslaughter.

    Yes, he should be charged with more than involuntary manslaughter, but because cops always defend other cops, justice will not be served. When he is judged, he goes before a group of his peers, all of whom will attest to his innocence. He should be charged with first degree murder.

  • Yes, he should.

    What he did may not have been premeditated murder, but it was certianly murder of some kind. He was not in fear for his life, unless he just was a bad cop and was always in fear for his life. He let his prejudice and racism get the best of him and he acted on this.

  • Yes, the Paradise cop should be charged with more than involuntary manslaughter.

    By definition, involuntary manslaughter is a charge that should be reserved for people who did not intend to cause harm to the victim. In this case, not only did the Paradise cop choose to voluntarily shoot a man that was escaping the wreckage of a car, but he deliberately delayed reporting the shooting. It has also been suggested that because no shell casings were found, the officer removed them before backup arrived on the scene. Not only does that show that he hesitated to report the incident, because he was wrong to shoot that man, but also that he had the mental clarity to attempt to protect himself by removing evidence from the scene. He deserves a much harsher sentence.

  • He committed murder.

    The prosecution were very slow to charge Patrick Feaster with any crime at all. This is despite the fact that the dashboard camera evidence clearly shows him shooting a man without any provocation at all. He then did not report his use of a gun which meant that his victim could not get medical help that could have saved his life. The whole act can be seen as a persistent and totally unjustifiable crime.

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