Parent have no right to control the lives of their children above 16? Are you agree or disagree?

  • I agree with this statement because all children need education and guidance from parents.

    We see adolescents in today's era have been too free with their outside world. Including the criminal cases they always do. The beginning is the need to educate parents at home to monitor them and their activities. Parents need to give early education to their children so that they can learn good things like respecting others, Fears of older people, Not wanting to do bad things. Otherwise, If we see teenage crime now very high and the range of crimes they make in our unexpected adulthood. If we as parents do not care about this problem then the children will be neglected and continue to make mistakes. We see teens who sniff the glue, Give birth to children out of wedlock, Steal, And so on at a young age. From that example, We as adults are saddened by the fate they have experienced at their young age as they have been trapped and the dark future.

  • As long as you are in my house

    16 year olds are the stupidest creatures on earth 8 years old have more sense, Hormones lack of experience. . If you are 16 unless your parents are grossly abusive/ just shut up and do what you are told, Your parents know best, Spoiled little bastards, 16 is too young but if your really want to be emancipated fine, Your parents no longer need to support you get a job

  • I love my mummy

    I disagree because parents should have the wright to take care of their children until 18 I say this because the world is dangerous and filled with criminals I mean come on what if a 17 year old teen got stabbed in the back and they could not take care of there selfs yet 18 is definatly the perfect age I just feel like its a bit too young im my opinion they are not ready at 16 that's gone way too far like if agree

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Thomas57 says2019-01-15T13:21:03.417
At the age of 16, You just little brats even today when they get to 40 years they are still little brats that don't get enough, Play on Parents feelings, Use and abuse the Parents, If you want to be your own boss, Leave home, Get a job, Education and most of all self respect. Your parents worked for their money. Where are the days when we had strict Parents and obedient children, Today we have strict children and obedient Parent.