Parental advisory labels: good (yes) or bad (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes, advisory labels are just a guideline.

    As a parent, I welcome knowing more about the products and the media that my children might be using. I do not have to take the advice of those who put out the parental advisory label, but it helps me to know what others have thought so that I can do further research.

  • Helps the consumer gather relevant information quickly

    I don't think it's unfair to help parents in making decisions for their children. Besides, this is only advisory, meaning that parents are unable to buy explicit content for their children. It is empowering people with information, which is something that I am all for. Fifty words have been written.

  • Parental Advisory Labels Are A Good First Step

    I believe that parental advisory labels are a good thing. I only say this, because without them, parents of young children would be less likely to check content before allowing a child to listen to certain media/music/songs. Overall, for the majority of the population, I don't believe the parental advisory labels mean anything.

  • It's not good

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