Parental consent for underage abortions: Do parents have a stake that gives them a right to consent?

  • Parents Need To Be Involved

    If the mother to be is still young, it is likely that her adult peers will be pressuring her into having an abortion with sweet soothing sayings like, "it won't hurt a bit" "this baby is just a burden" "it'll be all over soon". And if the parents don't get a say, that girl will practically be pushed into the clinic and that baby will be ripped out of her. She had no support, and no one to honestly turn to. Those adults didn't have to consult her parents first, and it is likely that if her parents knew, they could have helped her. Young people make stupid, spur-of-the-moment decisions. I should know. I'm one of them. Getting an abortion will haunt you for the rest of your life. It is traumatic, and can lead to results like depression, drugs, alcoholism, and even suicide. Parents can help their daughter get through it. They need to be consulted, they need to be able to be there for their child. If parents don't have to be consulted, the abortion rates will go up and the number of happy teenage girls will go down.
    You can argue that they will be happy once the burden of the baby is lifted, but they won't. They will find themselves counting the years as they grow older, wondering how old that baby would be now, imagining what they would've named it, whether it was a boy or girl. Abortion is not the only answer, and parents are wise enough to see that. Those other adults are trying to coerce those girls into getting rid of the "problem", when it is not their place to interfere. Parents need to know

  • Parents should have a consent in underage abortions

    Parents should have a consent in underage abortions for various reasons. First of all, the girl who got pregnant is still under the authority or her legal guardians and her guardians should have a say in what she does with her life, until she turns of legal age of course. She should not be having sex in the first place!

  • Parents Should Have a Say

    Parents are responsible for the health and the medical bills of their underage children. People under 18 should not have the right to have an abortion without their parents' consent. If they do have an abortion, and have complications, this affects the parents both emotionally and financially. Therefore, since the parents are financially responsible, the parent should have a say in whether a child should have an abortion.

  • If she's too young to make her own medical decisions and hence needs parental consent for an abortion...

    ...It follows she needs parental consent to carry through the pregnancy and we should allow parents to make her have an abortion. Since the proposition is so horrible and since we should try to be consistent we should just let the girl decide for herself. It doesn't make sense to require consent for an abortion but not consent to not have one.

  • The minute the child is pregnant it's their decision.

    The child is pregnant not the parent. The child should make the decision of what happens with their body. Pregnancy at a certain age can seriously harm a child emotionally and physically. Abortion can also harm a child emotionally and physically. The child has a right to her own body. No, she shouldn't be having sex, but that is a talk parents should have with their children. It's not always their fault either. They may have been raped or using protection. There's always that chance. It doesn't matter how hard you try you're not gonna keep you're daughter from having sex if she wants to. But if she's going to have a baby it should be her decision, not the parents, because the minute she got pregnant, she became the parent

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