Parental consent for underage abortions: Is it required in cases of bad parents?

  • Yes, because a minor with bad parents should be emancipated.

    Yes, parental consent for underage abortions should be required, even in cases of bad parents, because children of bad parents have other alternatives available to them, such as emancipation. Even if a parent is bad, which by itself is a subjective determination, they still have parental rights to make decisions for their children, and still should have a say in their children's major decisions.

  • Women are independent

    I don't think parental consent for abortions should be required. Women have 100% autonomy over their bodies regardless of their age, and many young women who are seeking abortions are seeking them because they are in abusive situations, many of which are perpetrated by their parents. If we don't trust an underage person with a choice, why would we trust them with a baby?

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