Parental consent for underage abortions: Is setting a specific age cut-off for parental consent necessary?

  • Yes, parental consent for abortion should be set at a certain age.

    It is in my opinion that we should set a certain age cut-off for parental consent for having an abortion. If a fourteen year old girl wants to have an abortion, she may be too young to make that decision for herself. Age sixteen seems like the proper age for allowing non parental consent to have an abortion.

  • Yes, parents should have input.

    Yes, setting an age cut-off for parentla consent is important, because parents should have a say in such a big decision for their child. An underage girl is still a child, and they need parental input before making a decision that will impact them for the rest of their life. Parents have the right to help their children make such a big decision.

  • Not without knowing the home situation.

    First, no young girl should have to have a child she doesn't want. I don't care how old she is. It seems ESPECIALLY a young woman in her teens (or even younger) should not be potentially forced by her parent(s) to have a child.
    I can't help taking into consideration the situation that a young woman might be in. If raised in a home with certain religious doctrine, she may not have had access to knowledge and contraceptives. The parents may wish to keep her in ignorance to keep her "pure", or may punish her by throwing her out of the home. And there's always the possibility that the child was the result on incest, in which case the family and/or parents are probably the worst people to help her choose what to do.
    There are far too many variables to put an unequivocal limit on the age of consent.

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