Parents and not teachers are responsible for the bad behaviour of children

  • Its partly the parents fault

    As humans age they look up to someone and that would be your parents. As being a kid you see what your parents do and want to be like him. So if your a parent and your a bad person your child will act the same way. If you as the parent does not raise them rite and down give then a good example then most likely its the parents fault.

  • It is in fact, NEITHER. (Kinda)

    Due to the government being the stupid overlord like force it is, It tells the rules to people like school superintendents who tell those rules to principals and teachers, Who have no choice but to follow these orders and rules. I'm not a teacher, So if I assumed teachers designed there curriculum, I would say yes, Teachers are the problem. Teachers make crap lessons, Kids get mad.

  • Teachers are responsible for the bad behaviour of children

    Children spend most of their lives in school hence see more of
    their teachers than parents. Because of this they mostly follow the
    way that their teachers behave. And some teachers prefer doing bad
    immoral and most children too their teachers are their role models so they follow their examples
    things than the right thing like smoking, Drinking, Womanizing,
    prostitution etc.

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