Parents do not have the right to physically discipline their children and corporal punishment should be illegal.

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  • Why on Earth would you harm a child?

    Children are precious. They are the future. Hitting a child has several harmful effects on them.
    1. Their relationship with their parents weakens. No one wants to stand there, defenseless, while being abused. It lessens trust between them.
    2. It has many negative emotional consequences. Child abuse may result to PTSD. These children suffer from serious mental health issues, such as depression and bipolar disorder. Many of them resort to self harm and eating disorders.
    Children should not have to go through this pain. No one should.
    I have friends, who have restraint orders against their parents, due to abuse. It's not okay.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Long term outcomes outweigh short term results

    Whilst spanking a child for doing something naughty or dangerous may have the desired effect of stopping them from continuing that action momentarily, statistics show that children that were often spanked have a higher rate of suffering from anxiety, depression and even substance abuse when compared to children that were never spanked.

  • Not at all right.

    I cant believe that you cant hit an adult but you can hit a defenseless child. I believe that striking some one no matter what age they are should be illegal. You are hurting a living being. I have no idea how this is not all ready outlawed. You cant deny this

  • Corporal punishment toward children is classified as child abuse.

    Nuff' said. Corporal punishment is harmful toward minors. They might be put in the hospital because of stuff like this. If stuff like this continues, children will live in fear so much, they wont do anything outside their house. Not only that, if physical discipline goes too far, children will retaliate.

  • Of course not.

    There is many reasons why you should not promote or act with corporal punishment when disciplining children, many people fail to realize the logic:

    1. Ever heard of “monkey see, monkey do”? The child is barely developing and progressing this world that they have been brought into. They don’t know how to handle stress or even try to explain their emotions. All they know is how to copy to survive. If you act with anger and use corporal punishment on them to show them that what they did was wrong- then they will use fighting, hitting, or violence to show their enemies/someone they don’t agree with/someone they hate rather than logically and calmly going through the situation.

    2. We want the next generation to be logical, empathic, kind, respectful, etc. But we are the ones who raise them and teach them violence and to react with it. Like my point in my first example. Children or minors receiving punishment are more like to be instilled with rage and hostility even into adulthood.

    3. Corporal punishment creates an unsafe and violent school environment. Children who experience corporal punishment are more likely to hit or use other violence against people in order to get their way, putting other children at risk for increased bullying and physical abuse and teachers in potentially violent classrooms. The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry states, "Corporal punishment signals to the child that a way to settle interpersonal conflicts is to use physical force and inflict pain. Such children may in turn resort to such behavior themselves."

    4. The child would scared of what they did rather then actually teach them why it was incorrect to behave or act in that manner. Effective discipline helps children learn to control their behavior so that they act according to their ideas of what is right and wrong, not because they fear punishment.

    5.Corporal punishment can inflict long-lasting mental harm on minors or children. Beyond physical pain or injury, hitting children can cause long-lasting anxiety, social withdrawal and severe depression.

    There are better ways to discipline children and minors instead of showing them violence.

  • Yes they should

    I think that parents should not have the right to physical discipline their child and corporal punishment should be illegal ok and yes parents should not have the right to discipline their child and their teenager and corporal punishment should be illegal ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye

  • Yes corporal punishment should be illegal

    Parents should not have the ability to physically discipline Their children or kids ok and yes I think that corporal punishment should be illegal because it does more harm than good ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok ok ok bye bye

  • Final method to teach children something

    The best way to teach children somthing is to show how bad it is and why it is prohibited. Teaching details are very important , but some of them don't listen the warning. So sometimes corporal punishment is needed. If children knew painful, they would not do same thing again.

  • Do not shy away from using the rod when it is right.

    Here's the thing: Rebellious children need a spanking.

    There is a proper way of conducting physical discipline. Some parents do it out of anger with no regard for teaching the child they are hitting a lesson. But to do it out of love prompts the child to rethink his/her decisions and see the consequences of it. You have to teach your child that there are consequences to wrongdoings. Physical disciplining should not involve hitting the child and leaving it at that. The parent should talk to their child intently about what they did wrong, so the child learns.

    Here I refute argument 3. Of sleepydevil. There is a difference between abuse and disciplining. There is a difference between punishing out of anger and punishing out of love. Children can feel when a parent is doing something out of love or anger. When things calm down the child that was punished often sees the wrong in the actions that they did, and realize that the punishment was wholly deserved. Let me tell you something: my parents raised me with the rod and taught me not to hit others, and I can say out of honest self-reflection that I am a peaceful and disciplined person. There are many I know that had parents that didn't raise them right, or didn't have parents at all, and grew up to be rebellious and carefree.

    Proper physical punishment is not abuse. It's a way of teaching children of the consequences of their actions in a way that words don't work on some.

  • Only harse way to get the best

    No. Parents have great responsibility after giving brother to a child/Ren. More responsibility means more power(rights) over them. If you talk really soft!Y/normally to a child than s/he won't even care about you. They'd just ignore you like you don't exist. If you act in a strict way s/he may behave good but that's only if they're a kid. What about a teenage person who just shot someone. Would you be like: son/daughter can you sit down I need to talk to you...

    Physical discipline or corporal punishment is the only harse way to get your !I'd to give you the best.

  • Kids don't listen

    When I was a kid I would never listen had the worse grades, even talked back to my teachers. Until one day my dad got tired of it and hit me. Did it hurt? Damn right it did! But never have I ever talked back again unless it was completely necessary, my grades are better my life is okay, I'm okay mentally and emotionally. Sometimes all kids need is to be hit and be shown that in the real world there are consequences to their actions and they will be punished.

  • How else do you get one to behave?

    Sometimes, a child will completely ignore you. A gentle clip round the ear easily gets their attention, and allows you to then tell them that they have wronged. I'm not talking about people that chuck their kids in a makeshift Iron Maiden for hours, that's just going overboard. But children who won't listen to reason need to be disciplined. You are all going soft.

  • No it shouldn’t

    How about this parents do have the right to physical discipline their children and corporal punishment should be legal and should stay in school home and the families as well ok and no parents should have the right to discipline their children and corporal punishment should be legal ok ok bye bye

  • No not really

    Ok there are limits to this. A belt or your hand is ok. But if your kid has marks then no it's not ok. There's a difference between tough love and just abuse but people don't think the same. For the parents just don't do anything stupid plz just use your brain.

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