Parents don't agree with some of the decisions we make.

Asked by: Hannah.Vanderbur
  • Yep so true

    Especially with over protective parents it's brutal, even if it's something small and harmless they disagree with it. However if it's something dangerous or stupid that their child makes then it would be understandable. If you know what you are doing is something "wrong" or harmful then of course your parents are gonna say something and disagree with it.

  • Yes, and that's okay.

    Like you, your parents have their own views and opinions. You must have many opinions too, being on DDO.
    Parents have certain ideas of how their children to behave at certain stages. If the child goes against that, the parents scold them. From the parents' POV, they want their child to grow up ideally what they want them to become, even if they aren't strict, surely they have told you their ideas of life.

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