Parents should allow their kids to do research on religion and let the child choose for themselves.

Asked by: Hunter695
  • Yes, but not force

    In my experience, any child raised without a religious upbringing is very unlikely to suddenly want to study religion anyway. Even for children raised with religious upbringings, most children find religion dull and boring, and don't even get what it's actually about.

    If a kid starts asking those inevitable life-identifying questions, answer them (scientifically - even if you're religious, don't deny your child the chance at a future as a scientist just because you'd rather indoctrinate them with blind faith, let them come to their conclusion scientifically) and then explain how other people of different religions may answer them differently.

    But really children want to play and have fun and be mindless, and do a bit of learning on the side every now and then... And that's what they should be doing as it's what's healthy for them. Chances are if they're ever curious about religion, it will be because of something religious on TV or that someone told them.

  • Yes, but not without input

    Doing research on religion is a wonderful idea, but the parents ought to be allowed to put in input and suggest whatever religion they choose. If children are not allowed to change religion, the result will be akin to the Muslim parents, who are required by the koran to beat their children to death if they change religions. On the other hand, if children are given no guidance by their parents, they may remain indecisive and not take the responsibility to decide what they believe.

    Posted by: ibla
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