Parents should be in control of their child's education, not the state.

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  • Individual Attention, Best Interest

    Typically, a parent or guardian is more likely to have the best interest of the child at heart.
    Also, the individual attention means that the parent or guardian knows what the child needs from their education and can advocate on behalf of the child.
    Allowing the state to control where and what and how children learn gives the state too much control. We cannot risk our children being jeopardized by corruption.

  • Many Parents are Uneducated Morons who know little about child psychology and good parenting:

    There should be guidelines for parents to follow, but for parents to dictate what schools can and cannot teach is ridiculous, they can simply choose a school that has a curriculum to suit their needs, but to actually dictating education to the school by naive parents is stupid. If they don't like the curriculum, choose another school. If they don't like the state curriculum then bad luck, it is there for a reason. Parent's don't own their children's minds.

  • One look at the topics of discussion on Debate.Org and it is quite clear

    The vast majority of Americans are not qualified to birth and raise their children, much less educate them.

    The anti-intellectualism of Americans is astounding.

    If parents were allowed to educate their children we would have communities where Sharia law was present.

    We would have compounds where homosexual conversion therapy (torture) is still permissible.

    Because that's just what they were taught as kids, right??

    No, the only organization qualified to choose a curriculum is a school board.

  • How would that work?

    If parents were to be in charge of their child's education, they, themselves would have to teach the child or somehow convince the teacher(s) to teach their child certain things. Many parents would have different ideas about what they want taught to their child and for a teacher to teach many children in a classroom an assortment of things would be hectic and just frankly would not work at all.

  • Not all parents know what's best for their child.

    Firstly, not all parents know what's best for their child. They only know what they want from them, not what they actually need. A child needs to learn a bit from every subject. In this way, he will be able to choose what he likes and what he doesn't like.
    Secondly, every parent wants something different for his children. It is impossible to create so many different small educational systems. And even if you could, the child might not like it, even though it's what his/her parents always wished for.
    Lastly, not all parents are good parents. For example, an alcoholic parent cannot decide what is best for his child. If he isn't able to give up drinking, then how could he create a whole school program that suits his child?
    As a conclusion, parents should not be in control of their child's education. Even though the state's educational system has many flaws, it is still the best way to give a chance to all children to find themselves.

  • The State Should Start

    The state should be responsible for providing a fundamental education about the basics. If parents feel it is necessary and appropriate to supplement that education, they should do so at home. For instance, schools should teach about the fact of evolution. If religious parents want to go home and tell their kids that it is false, that is their right, (even though it is borderline abuse).

  • Parents aren't smart

    First off a parent doesn't always know what is best for there children and putting the education in a parents hands can actually harm there child's learning.
    Most schools are designed to give a student a variety of classes but still offer 3 main courses which are are, English, Math, and Science. After you factor out those class you have electives or specials
    those class are usually to benefit the student in an area that isn't well know to them or others. When i was in grade school it was a math science, english, art, music/culture, and library.

  • Sometimes best interests aren't enough

    Don't get me wrong, I support homeschooling, but that is a personal choice both the child and their parents should decide. Otherwise I think it should be headed more by the state, with help from parents. The parent's teaching may be more biased, and education is supposed to be a liberator of prejudice.

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