Parents should have full access to their children's social media accouts

  • Live and learn.

    Spend the time with your children, not your career. If you teach your children by example empathy, sympathy and humility as to co-operate with another that other is not always you. As it takes a village of people to rare a child you can not do it alone. Just as you should never live your child's life as there is no book and there is no mould as every child has there own journey so let them have the steering wheel to there own direction. Don't wrap them up in cotton wool trying to protect them. They will hate you for it. Let children be just that children for as long as they can.
    For these are supposed to be the best part of there own journey and tell them something good about them self every day. Like your hair looks good and don't forget to tell them that you love them.

  • Absolutely Not! ()

    Hacking onto social media counts as invasion of privacy. Kids need independence. If they cant keep anything to themselves, then it may have an affect on their future. Kids should make their own decisions. Their parents dont need to see their entire social media. () () () ( ) (

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