• Yes they should never

    I think that parents should never hit their child because it is child abuse and of course it is illegal ok and yes I think that parents should never hit their children and their teenagers as well ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok bye bye

  • Parents Should Never Hit Their Child

    Because it is child abuse if you hit your child because if a parent hits their child that means it’s child abuse ok and yes I think that parents should never hit their children ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok good bye

  • It's abuse, There's no way around it.

    You should never be afraid of your parents. I'm sorry, But hitting your children doesn't teach them how to cope with making mistakes. It makes them avoid trying something new because you've made them fear failure. This isn't true for everyone, But it is for most. I don't know where everyone's empathy has gone.

  • You can be strict without hitting or spanking

    My sister is a pediatrician, Never hits her kids neither does my brother in law, Yells at them, They are all well behaved well educated, And successful super successful i hate to be elitist but hitting is something a low stupid backwards type does, And it teaches a child violence is an acceptable way to solve problems, The prisons are full of children who were hit as kids, Take a course in parenting set a good example set limits and rules, And only hit your kid if they hit you first.

  • It's child abuse

    It will make your kids think they don't love you and then they can grow up to be truly twisted this is how serial killers are mad people. Show your kids love and affection and they will turn out fine. Honestly who wants to hit their kids anyways weirdos thats who

  • It is cruelty

    Smacking is classed by the NSPCC as child abuse.
    Children can learn from it:
    They are your slave and have no rights.
    Hitting is normal and OK.
    You can't be trusted.
    It is best to lie.
    The world is about pain.

    If spanking (it is in fact different from smacking) must be used as a LAST resort, All that is neccesary is a few PATS with OPEN HANDS on the BOTTOM. Hitting the limbs can cause: broken bones, Sprains, Dislocations and potentially lameness. Hitting the torso can cause (depending where): digestion problems, Potentially breathing problems, Potentially heart problems and potentially death. Hitting the head can potentially cause: mental problems, Brain function issues, Amnensia, Concussions, Unconsciousness and death.

    Smacking is deliberate harming of ones body
    Spanking is gentle discipline. See above for what is spanking and what is smacking.

  • It's cruel and it doesn't work

    Children don't just learn from rewards and punishments like some sort of robot. They learn by imitation and forming schemas of how the world works. And a child who is hit learns not only that doing the thing will bring punishment, But also that their parents think it's OK to hit people sometimes.
    The best-behaved children are children who trust that their parents want the best for them and make good rules to help them be good. If you hit your child, You damage their trust and make them fear you. Which means they're less likely to think "these are good rules that I should try to live by" and more "these are rules a tyrant is forcing me to follow against my will". And as soon as they think they can get away with breaking the rule - or even if they get mad enough that they don't care about being punished - they'll do it.
    Plus, Many children get so emotionally overwhelmed by being hurt by their parents that they can't think straight, And later find that they remember the punishment but don't remember what they did to be punished for.
    Mild punishments are more effective than severe punishments, Because they are less upsetting and therefore less likely to cause unintended side effects like loss of trust, Overwhelming emotions, And the desire to get payback.
    And the most effective discipline is to avoid needing to punish the child at all as much as possible. Explain rules to them, As much as they can understand. Supervise them and intervene if they try to do something bad - or if it has minor but immediate natural consequences, Let them try it. (A kid who refuses to put on their jacket can go outside in the cold and learn for themselves why they want a jacket on, And then get their jacket at the next reasonable opportunity. ) Set up situations so they aren't pushed too far beyond their ability to cope - for example, A kid is more likely to behave well in a shopping trip if they go shopping after lunch instead of right before lunch. And if they've just done something stressful and taxing, Even if it was fun, Plan for some free time in a quiet environment or possibly even a nap. And don't have unnecessary rules, Either. We're trying to raise adults who can think for themselves - give them the opportunity to think for themselves when you can.

  • My dad.

    He betas me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Beating your kids for nothing or something that is not a big deal is wrong, But a slap to set them straight is important.

    I've seen how some kids act in public: spoiled rotten and taking charge of their reluctant parents. It's a disgrace. Undisciplined kids will see that if they are not punished for their behavior, Then they can get what they want, Whenever they want, Which is an extremely bad mindset to have growing up and later on in life. People who complain that hitting children is child abuse clearly have never gotten their ass spanked. Sure you might luck out and have kids with mild temperaments, But not all kids have cookie-cutter personalities, And when kids start acting out of line, You gotta put them back in their place. I'm so thankful I got spanked, Otherwise, I'd be a complete asshole.

  • Only if you love them

    First of all failing to adequately discipline your child is abuse. I cannot count how many unruly, Undisciplined, Obnoxious little hellions I have seen lately because their cowardly parents just couldn't bear to lay a hand on their "precious" little spawn. Bottom line is the world has boundaries. Some of them are fatal. If you love your children discipline them by whatever means are effective. Ground them, Spank them, Yell at them, But never discipline in anger. Constrain the penalty to the nature of the offense, Explain what the infraction was and why discipline was necessary, And let them know you discipline them BECAUSE you love them.

  • Here is my logic

    If a child misbehaves and you groud him, There is no doubt that child will do it again. Grounding that child will only make them think of more options. Speaking to a child will only make the parent seem more pathetic to the child, But the child will think that if he or she did it again then they will only be told not to as their punishment. I Am not saying all children need a beating, I'm just saying not all children are angels and some actually do need a beating. Like bullies.

  • In the bible " spare the rod ruin the child"

    As someone who was spanked when I was a child and misbehaved I will tell you it works. I know what is wrong and what is right. I do believe that everyone who is parents whose child is not scared of the sound of a leather belt flying through 7 levi belt loops is not doing something right.

  • Beat em for misbehaving

    If your child is being super disrespectful, Or harming others and their possessions, They should learn the punishments. It will prepare them for the real world where crime is punished and they will learn to respect authority. Also, You used the wrong "there", When it's supposed to be "their" so it is grammatically incorrect. You should be smacked now.

  • IT'S CrUEl aNd iT dOesN'T wOrK

    Ding dong, Your opinion is wrong. As someone who was hit as a child when misbehaving, I grew up to be a well behaved kid than those who did not. You write that fear is such a horrible sin and should never be brought upon anyone but fear can be a good thing. If I child were to throw some rocks at another child, Do you really believe speaking to the child is going fix the issue? Simply telling the child to not do it again is not going to stop him from doing it again. By hitting the child, You inflict fear on him due to his actions. The child then understands the outcome of his actions and will think twice before doing it again. I'm not saying hitting them constantly for every little mistake is necessary but once awhile is understandable.

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