Parents struggle to pay daughter's debt: Should private student loans be forgiven after death?

  • yes private students loan should be written off after death

    the essence of obtaining loan for one's education, is to be able to have a good job in the future that will enable one lead a good life. in the event that a private student had acquired a loan and after completion of his education he passes on, there is no need to direct that burden towards ones parent, since he is not the one who applied for it.

  • Yes, I believe they should.

    I think they should be forgiven after death because the parents didn't benefit from the debt and there isn't any collateral to help them get rid of it. I also think parents should be smart and take out a life insurance policy on their child if they have a massive amount of student loan debt.

  • You can't use an education if you're dead

    The whole idea of student loans is that you can pay for an education, get a job with said education, and use the pay from that job to pay back your debt. If you don't live long enough to follow through with that process, your surviving relatives shouldn't be held liable for that education. They already have enough to deal with.

  • No,private student loans can not be forgiven after death.

    No,private student loans can not be forgiven after death.As we known,we spent more money on the student,and during the school time , we lend money to student, and he/she can complete the education in time, at the same time,we lost money.Since student's death ,we can not call back the money,and more people will never lend money to student,it will affect a lot of students can not rceieve the education.So private student loans can not be forgiven after death.

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