Paris Shooting: Is it possible that the shooters had any reason to perform the Charlie Hebdo attack?

Asked by: BLAHthedebator
  • Freedom of speech must not become Anarchy of speech!

    I am glad to live in an East Europe's country where number of Moslems is not (yet) so high like in the West. If the West wants to declare its tolerance to Moslems, then the West shouldn't foist its way of thinking on Moslems. I am against the concept of multi-culti society, but if the West rejects any ideas against islamization of Europe and doesn't mind having multi-cuti society, then it should accept Moslems with all their specific features... Including their zero tolerance for cartoons with the prophet Muhammad. Or else it is not égalité, fraternité or eventually liberté either.

  • It cannot be rationalized

    It might be true that the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo portrayed the Muslim community in bad light, but it did the very same thing with Christianity also, when its cartoons depicted Virgin Mary in the recent past. While the newspaper has not been targeting the Islamist, I see no reason why they should take their wrath on them. And even so, out of the 12 dead and many more injured, many were probably not even directly involved with any of it.
    The matter could have been better handled if it had been taken to the courts for an impartial and just trial.

  • Muslims must learn tolerance!

    No insult is justification for violence. In a globalized world Muslims will have contact with other religions and non-religious, Muslims could benefit from other religions, by learning tolerance.

    Muhammad is no different than prophets of other religions. In response to these killing, people throughout the world should be showing defiance, by displaying insulting images of Mohammad.

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