Parking Fines: Should officers be more lenient when issuing parking fines?

  • officers should let up

    Officers are way to strict when it comes to parking fines. They only care about writing the tickets and making their “quota for the month and will find any little reason to give a person a ticket. They get you for being right on a line and I have even been given a ticket for parking so close to a handicapped spot that a person could not get out of their car.

  • Officers should be more strict with parking fines.

    Perhaps it is because I am not from a big city but I do not know of anyone ever receiving fines for a parking violation. From time to time a car will get towed. Whenever I have heard of this happening, the owner of the car knew exactly what they were doing when they were parked where they should not have been. People should pay more attention to laws. The laws are there for a reason and should be followed. If anything, police should be more strict with parking fines.

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