Parks employee who was scared of foriegners did not take admission fees from them. Should he be punished?

  • Yes the park employee should be punished

    Fear of foreigners is no reason to discriminate against them or deny them access to events. The park attendant needs to be terminated based on his actions. A new phobia seems to have developed in recent years and the victims are minorities and people of color. This has all been fuelled by Donald Trump's rhetoric.

  • Yes, the employee doid not do the job to which they awere assigned and should be terminated.

    Having a fear of foreigners by itself make s the employee ineligible and unqualified for a job with the parks department, since foreigners constitute a substantial portion of the visitors to these facilities. It is hardly an excuse for failing to collect fees and the story seems incredulous and an attempt to cover up theft. Regardless, the employee should be terminated and is not qualified to serve in that or any government position.

  • He had a job to do.

    If the parks employee was scared of foreigners, he was unqualified for the job. He should be fired. It was his job to take money from everyone coming into the park. He didn't have the right to decide that he just wasn't going to do his job. He hurt taxpayers in the end.

  • I'm not sure

    If this is about the Japanese employee, the poor man was 71 and seems to have been intimidated by people shouting at him. I'm not sure what to do with this. The park admission was very reasonable, and if he was truly afraid, he probably shouldn't be punished. On the other hand, the park may need admissions for upkeep, and he let 160,000 plus people in for free. It sounds as if he was truly in the wrong job.

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