Part three of O.J. documentary continues: If you were on the jury, would you have voted OJ Simpson was guilty?

  • O.J. Simpson was guilty

    One asked to be absolutely brain-dead and completely ignorant of facts and law to believe that O.J. Simpson is not guilty of murder. There is no question that he was acquitted simply because he is a black man. A reasonable look at the facts of the case can only lead to one conclusion. O.J. Simpson committed murder.

  • Yes, absolutely, positively, without a doubt.

    Funny how the twelve people that were there found him not guilty for lack of evidence, but readers are 100% sure that he did it. That jury willfully allowed themselves to be bamboozled by the defense. They ignored overwhelming evidence of OJ's guilt because Judge Ito allowed the trial to go off the rails. The defenses focus on biases and "planted" evidence was nothing but a red herring and their only chance of an acquittal in light of the mountain of evidence against their client. And that jury...oh that jury...just the right combination of people who allowed themselves to be distracted by the minutiae. If only one brave and reasonable person had been seated on that panel, at least there could have been a hung jury and OJ could have been retried.

  • Yes, I would have voted to convict O.J.

    Most people today believe that the evidence supports the conclusion that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Had the trial occurred today, there would have been much more outrage over Simpson's history of domestic violence. Today there is much more awareness when it comes to violence against women. Also, jurors are much more familiar with DNA evidence, and would likely be able to connect the dots between Simpson and the murders.

  • No, I would not have voted him guilty.

    No, the prosecution did not prove that he did it. They had evidence, but it seems as if they had a supremely flawed strategy. Their star witness was a racist cop. According to some legal experts, they could have got a guilty verdict if they hadn't used the racist cop or had OJ try on the gloves. They didn't prove their case, so I would've voted not guilty.

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