Partial-birth abortion: Does the fetus have rights that must be protected?

  • Partial birth abortions are horrifying.

    We should DEFINITELY protect the rights of the fetus in this instance. I would never, EVER be able to approve of this, except in extreme cases. I am an atheist, very liberal, but I cannot abide by the thought of the actions taken during this procedure. Unless the poor child is a serious risk to it's mother's life, and has no hope of survival on it's own, and the poor baby is given a general anesthetic first, this practice should be denied on moral and ethical grounds.

    Anyone who doesn't get physically upset when they find out how this procedure is done is a monster.

  • When is it right to kill a baby?

    Embryology says that "A new individual human being begins at fertilization, when the sperm and ovum meet to form a single cell." To say it is not "life" is to deny the obvious.

    Even the true God recognizes that life begins at conception:

    Psalm 119:13-16 "For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in secret...Your eyes have seen my unformed substances; and in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me when as yet there was not one of them".

    Ah, but a fertilized egg of human cells and a human person are different you say??

    1) Size?? So because the unborn are so tiny they are not a human person? So then you judge a midget or a toddler or a newborn as less of a person than an adult based on their size? "Judge me by my size, do you" as Yoda from Star Wars would say.

    2) Less-developed?? So because a 4 year-old girl is less developed than a 24-year old woman, she is less of a person than an adult? I dare you to tell that to your mother and see what she says.

    3) Environment?? So because an unborn baby lives temporarily in the womb - much as an astronaut lives temporarily in space or a diver lives temporarily underwater - all are not people? You are blind to reality.

    4) Dependency?? So helping those who depend on others for nourishment and care, much like the sick and my good friend who never fully recovered from a motorcycle accident, makes them less than human justifying their extermination? I say those who do not help are the inhuman ones just like the Nazis. They hide behind the cloak of legality, but are really thugs and monsters who prey on the helpless.

    So when is it right to kill a baby?

  • Fetus has rights

    I think that the fetus should have rights and that they must be protected. They are a living thing. They have a heartbeat. They need to be protected by the law because they cannot protect themselves. I do not think that partial birth abortions are ok and should not be allowed. There are better ways if an abortion is necessary.

  • At a certain point, a fetus can live outside the womb

    Yes, I believe that abortion should only be allowed to a certain point. If a fetus must be aborted through the partial birth method, then it should be considered a living human. It is inhumane to birth a living child or child that could possibly live and allow it to die because it is unwanted. If an abortion is wanted then it should be executed before the child could actually feel pain or may live outside the womb.

  • The fetus has rights that must be protected.

    In the case of partial birth abortions, the fetus has rights that must be protected. Partial birth abortions are almost universally rejected as barbaric. If a fetus is far enough advanced in development to be born, it should not be aborted. Although some forms of abortions are controversial, partial birth abortions are not acceptable.

  • Yes there is a point they have right

    If the fetus has a heart and a brain then I would consider them to be under the protection of rights. This is why abortion is such a hot topic, it is a matter of where to draw the line. I am all for banning abortion after a certain point in development.

  • It's a baby. A baby human.

    Everyone screams and rants about saving baby animals. How about you save some baby humans. I'll share a fact with you I can confirm with paperwork, I heard my baby's heartbeat at seven weeks. I personally believe a baby is a human at conception but for all those who use the heartbeat arguments there you go. As soon as they are made they have rights. No abortion should be legal. End of story. It's murder.

  • Partial-birth Abortion Not Humane

    I personally do not understand the premise of partial-birth abortion. At the juncture in which you are giving birth to the child, it is already fully mature and ready for birth, and it is unwanted so it is killed mid-birth. I do not understand why someone would ask for such a procedure when the child/baby could easily be adopted into a loving family. I believe the rights of the child (at full term) should be granted and protected. While the birth parent may feel so much contempt that they have no problem with a baby being pulled apart limb for limb, there are many of us that would love the opportunity to raise that baby.

  • Partial Birth Abortions

    Fetuses have a righ to life just as a full grown embryo. With the advances of modern medicine and the scientific research needed to preserve life, the objective should be to save babies from partial-birth abortions. Eliminating fetus rights to live could be limiting the important research on saving lives.

  • I am pro choice to an extent.

    I may be pro choice but I do not support partial birth abortion. When I first read about it I was horrified & disgusted. I cried right after. Its just a baby. An innocent little baby by now. Partial birth abortions are just plain wrong. There are certain things that shouldn't be allowed.

  • A fetus does not have rights.

    This is a hotly contested debate but I do not believe that a fetus has any rights, as I do not consider it as something truly alive. Besides, we don't even have equal rights for living, breathing, fully functioning adults that turn out to be homosexual. Let's work on that, why don't we..

  • Fetuses are potential human beings not human beings.

    Not even the bible recognizes fetuses as human beings. In any case most partial birth abortions are banned unless the life of the mother is in danger. The religious views of any group should have no effect on the rights of another group. We have separation of church and state in this country for that reason.

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