Partial-birth abortion: Is partial-birth abortion a barbarous procedure?

  • It should be banned

    I believe that partial-birth abortion is a sick and barbarous procedure. The baby is already fully formed inside the mother and the doctors know that. Then, they start to rip the baby limb by limb until the head is left. After that, they crush the head and pull it out. And there are still people out there that support this.

  • Partial birth abotion is barbaric

    Yes, I think that there is strong evidence to support the fact that partial birth abortion is barbaric and should be banned. The baby is nearly fully grown when this heinous procedure is performed and nearly a person, and I think that when performing this procedure it can be tantamount to murder.

  • Yes, partial-birth abortion is an ugly thing.

    I am certainly for a woman's right to choose, whether that means choosing to have a baby or to have an abortion when her life situation can not support having a baby. But partial birth is too ugly. It seems to be the killing of what could be a viable human being. By that time, other decisions should be made.

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