Partial-birth abortion: Safety - Is partial birth abortion unsafe?

  • It kills the Baby in a gruesome manner

    For those who are unfamiliar with partial birth abortion, it is a "medical procedure" where a viable fetus is dragged out of the uterus with a forceps, then a pair of scissors is jammed into the back of the Baby's skull, and then a catheter sucks the brains out. This clearly is unsafe for the baby.

  • Yes it unsafe.

    Well, partial birth abortion is clearly unsafe for the baby involved but it can also be unsafe for the mother. Anytime labor is induced there is a safety issue involved. Drugs are given to induce labor and sometimes these drugs can have negative effects on the mother. Partial birth abortions can be very unsafe.

  • Partial Birth Abortions are Safe

    Partial birth abortions are safe if they are done by a qualified and experienced medical professional. Contrary to popular belief, a partial birth abortion is performed when a fetus is not alive and cannot survived outside of the womb. After the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible that a woman would discover a medical condition caused by her pregnancy or medical conditions, including death, of the fetus may be discovered.

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