Partial-birth abortion: Should partial-birth abortion be banned?

  • Horrible practice, wake up people

    Yes, partial-birth abortion should be banned! Wake up people! Tearing a living baby apart and dragging it out from the mother's womb? And don't tell me that "the fetus can't feel anything so it's okay." That's nonsense! Google some images of partial birth abortions, look at them, see if you can stomach them. Hopefully, you can't.

  • Yes, partial-birth abortion should be illegal.

    Partial-birth abortion is a controversial one in a late-stage of pregnancy, and it's not a very common form of abortion. Most people who are knowledgeable about the procedure would probably agree that it's not humane, especially since it involves partial delivery. It should be illegal, but if there's a reason a woman's health would be in jeopardy, there could be rare exceptions to the rule.

  • No reason for it.

    Partial birth abortion should not be acceptable under any circumstances. Late in a pregnancy, a baby is oftentimes able to live on their own without the support of their mother's body. Partial birth abortion is out and out murder. There is no excuse for it and someone needs to be looking out for those babies.

  • Yes, I think partial-birth abortion should be banned.

    Yes, I think partial-birth abortion should be banned. If someone wants to get an abortion they at least need to have the wherewithal to make this decision before the child has reached a state where a birth could be viable. There has to at least be some sort of line drawn when it comes to baby murdering.

  • Akin to Murder

    Partial-birth abortions are akin to murder. Only in rare cases, such as if the life of the mother is endangered, should an abortion be performed as a baby is being born. A case for rape or incest nine months down the road is a bit late to perform an abortion at that stage of development.

  • Why end the life of someone (it is still human so it isn't a thing) that isn't even born yet?

    There are many different arguments and statements flying around right now but I am here to say that abortion isn't just wrong but it is also harmful. At times, the surgery for abortion doesn't go as expected and can backfire on the female going through the procedure. There have been reports of the woman or girl going through excruciating pain in her abdomen or having uncontrollable vomiting and nausea a few hours after their surgery was done. Why put people through this pain and misery. Abortion can also start bullying even for adults that go through the procedure. They are shamed and shunned by their peers and friends in the community. For a pregnant teen it can cause a major problem in their lives. They are called many names and are sometimes even abused by others, sexually and violently. So why start something that could end up backfiring so horribly in someones life???

  • Pregnancies should only be aborted early

    Except in extreme cases where the mother's life is in danger, there should never be a partial-birth abortion. There's plenty of time in the first 10-12 weeks to decide whether having a baby is a good idea or not. I am a firm believer in abortions being a choice, but partial-birth seems highly unnecessary.

  • No, partial birth abortion is necessary sometimes.

    The prevalence of these types of abortions is very low and is not used unless the doctor deems it necessary. For example, it is used when the mother's life is in danger or when the fetus would be non viable from a serious anomaly that wasn't detected until late in development.

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